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Anesthesia is a procedure that prevents the patient from

medicine is known as the medicine used to prevent pain and the drugs used

if necessary, the surgery will have some negative effects on the human body

It is concerned. These effects are sometimes associated with systems that enable the organism to survive

and the functioning of the organs.





and anesthesiologist will be able to remove the pain from the side,

the effects are controlled both during and after the operation

to prevent the occurrence of life problems and in the postoperative period

to keep the surgical pain that will occur within tolerable limits

strives. Anesthesiologists are drugs, the function of the human body

physiology, many internal diseases, surgical trauma and surgical stress

(resuscitation) of emergency patients, intensive care and

pain therapists. These specialists are patients

Apart from the illness caused by ameliyati other doctors

established and planned treatment of diseases by anesthesia and surgery

and the anesthesia and surgery without further

They also have the task of ensuring completion.



Branch Doctors 
Dr. Havva Feyza ÖLÇER 
Dr.Mahmut ÖZEL