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Skin care Every skin needs is a general skin cleansing and moisturizing care. After cleansing the skin, the skin is removed from the dead cells. Then steam is given to relieve the pores and the skin is moisturized. After the black spot  cleaning applied; followed by a high frequency application designed to relieve the skin and give oxygen to the skin.   Care is terminated with mask and serum applications appropriate to skin structure and problem. Because skin cells   are renewed on average every 28 days, it is recommended to do this once a month. If it is done regularly, the skin   will be saturated with nausea, a cleaner, lively and healthy skin is obtained.     WHY LASER EPILATION? By burning   hair roots through the beam of unwanted hair is permanently removed from the body. The duration of the sessions is   determined between 4-10 sessions, with the hormonal structure of the person, skin structure, hair structure and hair   growth stage varying according to the duration of treatment. Laser epilation provides successful results if applied in      the growth phase of the hair. Growth stages of hair vary according to region. Therefore, the duration of the

  sessions    varies in particular. At the end of treatment with laser epilation, 80% of the hair is permanently         destroyed.   Indispensable to our calligraphy is a very reliable method ..

   WHAT IS ALEXANDRITY? It has a wavelength of 755 nm. It can reach to depth of 2-3 mm.

   The heat reaches the hair follicle, it is absorbed by the melanin, which transforms it into

   heat energy, and it is based on the philosophy of destroying the papilla (hair cold)

   by damaging the follicle's energy. The depth of the hair roots varies between various parts of the body,

   and is 2-4 mm below the surface of the skin. This means that only the Alexandrite laser can reach

   the full hair root and destroy the root. In laser systems, the best absorption by melanin and its

   ability to reach the full hair root in terms of wavelength has proven to be the most effective result

   of alexandrite leaser in clinical trials ...  

 The lighgh epicare is the fastest, most powerful and most widely used computer controlled lether
 epilation device among other alexandrite lasers.   * Since the LPX model is at power of 100 watts,
 it provides more effective results for different skin types and hair types with high jull value in big 
 spot areas.
 * Epicare laser devices offer safe, effective applications for all volumes using optimized 
 temporal beat format and variable beat duration. Other alexandrite devices are only effective
 on light colored binders.
 * duration is 3 to 300 ms. In other aleandrite devices, 5 is set in multiples.
 Shooting at 3 ms is very important for thin fur with a short thermal reaction time.
 It can be increased one by one. Fine adjustment of different skin and hair types to make them.  
 * The strong blowing of the cold air attracts the painful feeling to a minimal level and removes 
 the risk of burns that may occur in the skin.